Happy 1st Birthday…BELIEVE


Today is such a special day. After all those years of thinking if I should or not, it was this day last year that I finally opened a blog.

And all the times I went through, this blog was one of the reasons I smiled. You were all one of the reasons that made my day beautiful.

I named my blog ‘Believe’ because at that time, believing in myself was the hardest and most distant thing for me. But with time I realised that not everyone can do everything.It’s not that I am incapable. It’s just that I am in the wrong place. And when I will be in my land, I can also become ‘somebody’. You have made my love myself…again.

Believe what you do is right. Do what you believe is right.

Believe in your world. The world inside you. The world that is you.

Love yourself.


14 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday…BELIEVE

  1. Congratulations! I could relate to you. Even I started blogging after years of overthinking, if I should do it or not. But the experience is amazing. That feeling when someone reads your stories and connects to you is awesome 🙂 Best Wishes

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