Paper lights up in the sky.

The heart of mine they light and die.

Of little fear, of fantasies.

And hope of possibilities.

Of candles burning self to light.

Of heroes with a little might.

My angels and my melodies.

Just sing with me to an endless dream.

On the road that leads to you.

[Be]neath this sky without a moon.

Into a land of calling hues.

And a day that’s beautiful.

Of rainbows and of stormy seas.

The canopies amidst the breeze.

Let me walk besides you.

By these paper lights so true.

Is it me or is it you.

Or is it just my heart being true.

Or is it the dandelions out.

To chase them once they whisper loud.

To land beyond the horizon.

To the silence of the ocean.

The ends of mazes I can find.

If I walk with you, your hand in mine.

The little wings that grew on me.

From green they turn to blue I see.

The days I walk besides you.

By these paper lights so true.

So let me walk besides you.

To the day that’s beautiful.

15 thoughts on “PAPER LIGHTS |Poetry

    1. No no. My favourite colour is violet. I wrote it symbolizing butterflies. Butterflies are believed as omens. Green butterflies are believed to bring hope and luck to make your dreams come true. And blue butterfly makes your dream come true.

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      1. Just so as it will click on the beat. Honestly, I wrote this to random beat I made up returning from tuition. And I thought why not make it a song. I don’t have equipments to record the voice or arrange the music so I could not. But, since I was writing it down, I decided to write it the way it was originally written.

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