Loving Yourself v/s Narcissism

The hardest during the moments of moral crisis is to see the thing that triggered it. The reason that lit the internal monologue. A monologue playing in our minds the lyrics of a confused brain. The brain we study as the home of intelligence. When we can’t solve a problem we are asked to use […]

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Am I Wrong?

I am at the peak of the age when generally one thinks to know everything when in reality he or she does not. It leads to conclusions in mind succeeded by actions which may become irreversable. A time when the filling doesn’t match the container. The time when thoughts and emotions collides. When expectations doesn’t […]

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Who do I believe?

Believing is one of the hardest things to do when you are conscious about it’s existence. Till then, days roll on without much thoughts. But when you tell yourself to believe in someone or something, we must know that the situation is spiritual. Spiritual in the sense of confusion and turbulence in soul, if that’s […]

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3 days 3 quotes….day 2

He is the Missile man of India, the people’s President and an epitome of humanity. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is someone the entire civillisation reveres and loves. According to him, birthday is ” the only day in your life….your mother smiled when you cried”. May his wings of fire keep on flying.

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3 days 3 quotes….

Yuulye, thanks for this. So this is a line from Haruki Murakami’s ‘Kafka On The Shore’ that touched my brain. I recommend the book. Plus, there is Murakami’s blog where you can contact him and many others. Know what he heard, saw and did as he wrote his books. You can interact at the community […]

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Today it was….(2)

There it was. A random tree whom I saw growing. It was leafless last winter. You can see the abandoned dry nest carefully placed at the juncture of three branches. Now it’s grown up and even more beautiful. The slim but strong trunk’s colour darkened. It is not as high as those deep in dense […]

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Today it was….(1)

Today was like any other normal day. But when you realise that the present normal is not eternal, it becomes special. Something that the heart wants to hold forever and the brain memorise. Yet, today was very normal. It’s rainy here. It poured heavily last night. The weather was quiet peaceful today. The clouds seemed […]

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Awards and 12th class……

First things first. Last few weeks my annual exams were going on. During that time I received many awards, which I promised to upload right after my exams end. But honestly our results were declared the next day when our exams ended. Yes, even we couldn’t believe it. But the last ones were practicals. So […]

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