Gross National Happiness

Till recently, TED has always been something very distant to me due to my incorrect assumption of it being a motivational speech platform. Yesterday I got a video of Shashi Tharoor speaking about ‘soft power’ on my YouTube feed. That changed my whole imagination about TED. And since yesterday, I have been, what you can […]

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The bells of Notre Dame…

Morning in Paris, the city awakes To the bells of Notre Dame The fisherman fishes, the bakerman bakes To the bells of Notre Dame To the big bells as loud as the thunder To the little bells soft as a psalm And some say the soul of the city’s The toll of the bells The […]

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You |Poetry

Be it sun, raindrops Or a gloomy weather. Bottled up pieces Of my being that shattered You never look back And help me to gather. Cause all these years it was you Who all that mattered. The roses, you sent. Your poses, insane. Drove me, that day. Hidden, this pain. The stars you promised. Those […]

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Paper lights up in the sky. The heart of mine they light and die. Of little fear, of fantasies. And hope of possibilities. Of candles burning self to light. Of heroes with a little might. My angels and my melodies. Just sing with me to an endless dream. On the road that leads to you. […]

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Happy 1st Birthday…BELIEVE

Namaste. Today is such a special day. After all those years of thinking if I should or not, it was this day last year that I finally opened a blog. And all the times I went through, this blog was one of the reasons I smiled. You were all one of the reasons that made […]

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If you are aware of the television programme ‘Satyamev Jayate’, you must have heard it’s title track. If you have not, yet, do hear it once. No matter what language you speak or which country you belong to, you can connect to it for sure (subtitles for your help). But what caught my interest was […]

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