Today it was….(2)

There it was. A random tree whom I saw growing. It was leafless last winter. You can see the abandoned dry nest carefully placed at the juncture of three branches. Now it’s grown up and even more beautiful. The slim but strong trunk’s colour darkened. It is not as high as those deep in dense forests. Just an average tree standing alone with Calotropis lining the rest of the pavement. Somehow I felt attached to it just like anyone of us seeing a child grow. Somedays later I can tell it how he was before. Did I mention it’s green mesh. So lovely. And the shade difference. You don’t need light perspective to note it. It is narural.

The shy shops with their shutters down. As distant at noon, as inviting they are at other times. At a cross, a fruit vendor sat by his cart typing lazily the buttons on his phone’s screen. The sun was peeking out of the grey drapes and was calm. Very less people drove that road. It was half past three. Four young boys on their bikes drove beside each other. The pillion riders lightly chatting. The drivers smiling and occasionally giving a nod. Then came a construction site with makeshift asbestos houses lined parallel. Nearby was the fire station a bit away from the main road but since many houses were not constucted you can see it’s trucks. Two were there. Then on the left was the school for nursing. You turn your vision to the front and see the end of the road. Take a left turn and slow down to drive over the speed breaker safely. Then accelerate to regain the speed so that the scooty will not loose balance. There comes the bigger cross. A bit deserted at that hour of day. The shopping mart follows it. A few people standing at the door to get their bills checked. A few stuffing their things anyhow in their vehicles.

The rest of the ride goes occupied. I focus on my lessons which ends with a surprise test. At the end, I come a floor down and play table tennis for a few minutes trying to improvise my shots, abandoned somedays ago with the excuse of exams. Then I gather up the things and take the same road back home. The only difference being a few more souls wandering the streets.

I bid adieu to my friends standing at the end of the street. A few minutes were occupied pondering over a misunderstood concept of that question I answered wrong. A warm but cool sensation hits my skin. I realise it was the man who owned the shop I left behind sprinkling water to load down dust.

In a second I focus ahead. A girl walking opposite smiles with acknowledgment at the woman driving ahead. She returns it back. I just see her nod but I couldn’t trace her smile.

A group of girls walked out of a coffee shop. Dressed in their best smiles. The fish shop on my left was all set for tonight’s sell. But their were less fishes. I understand. Boys rushing out of the college on the way. I spot a few in the same brown pants and checkered shirts as I turn right. The road has become bussier. Students running to their classes. Lawyers returning back to their homes dressed in black suit and white shirts. Representatives with their black office bags. I see a car driving out of the Income tax department’s office. The mart’s parking lot has more and more vehicles.

I come to a halt at the same big cross. The traffic lights now taking power in their hands. Student taffic volunteers in white t-shirts, coloured shoes and a handkerchief secured around their faces below eyes.

The graveyard ‘smasan’ stood at a side. Our city being at least a thousand years old was once limited till that point. They built the smasan at the end of the city. The city eventually grew.

Then it was the petrol station undergoing construction. Beside a hospital with it’s ambulance lined disciplined infront. I come across the same speed breaker. Turn right at the next crossing of three roads. A Splendens flew next to me. I rode past all of those trees. Most of whom I remember now. I can clearly distinguish. They have been one of my closest friends.

Near the road that run parallel with a narrow water canal separating it and this one, you can spot a water tank. It’s beauty? A lovely creeper climbing up the high lonely stairs. Both conversing about the loveliness of the weather, may be the way I am thinking.

The sun setting ahead. And dyeing the sky in magenta and blue. The water reflecting it back faithfully. The same normal coal tar. The same normal writings of Happy New Year 2018 on them. What can be a heartier way of expressing wishes for a new year. I come to the other end. Children spilling out of the ice-cream parlour straight ahead. I however take a turn.

There is a man in his mid forties, I suppose taking a lazy stroll with his white canine. I turn right again. The pet shop at the corner.

I come home. Feed my parrot with a biscuit. His name is Lee. But we call him Mitu. He often asked us to do so. I debate if to write this in my diary or in a post and I choose the later. Here I am writing. It has turned dark at present.

But I felt this flow of emotions to write about these normal things of my life now. Next year on this date my course of run would be difficult. Some years later, I will look at those cracks on the road or the fish shop or those trees and say ‘ I looked at them everyday some days back’. I don’t want to hold onto these. Change is inevitable and adjusting to it is a wise choice. But these are the normal things that will become special for me some day. I await it. That feeling, I must experience too. With happiness.

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