You |Poetry

Be it sun, raindrops Or a gloomy weather. Bottled up pieces Of my being that shattered You never look back And help me to gather. Cause all these years it was you Who all that mattered. The roses, you sent. Your poses, insane. Drove me, that day. Hidden, this pain. The stars you promised. Those […]

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Just a quick update

Namaste. Hi. Aloha. Hola. Annyeonghaseyo. Ok thats all the greetings I can recall right now. I know it’s been few months that I’ve posted something. These past one and a half year literally had my life turned. But what I wanted to talk about was a feeling I felt just now. I wrote a couple […]

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Loving Yourself v/s Narcissism

The hardest during the moments of moral crisis is to see the thing that triggered it. The reason that lit the internal monologue. A monologue playing in our minds the lyrics of a confused brain. The brain we study as the home of intelligence. When we can’t solve a problem we are asked to use […]

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