‘BTS:Burn The Stage’ movie experience.

Behind dreams lies labour. Behind labour lies responsibilities. Behind responsibilities lies clarity of thoughts. Behind clarity of thoughts lies love for yourself.





Well… the first official BTS event in India. It began with limited screenings at 5 cities but thanks to ARMYs, we could extend them to 45+ cities with many and sold out shows.

BTS fanbase is stronger than before in India and it was lovely to meet some of them.

The meeting was so beautiful. As if all the bottled up emotions since last 6 years that we contained in ourselves just took a few minutes to erupt. Fanchants, flashmobs, purple ribbons, photocards and ARMYness in the air.

I sincerely hope to see more of BTS events in India. We hope Odisha ARMY’s efforts will help Indian ARMY’s wishes. 

Together we can fam.

Remember to love yourself. Remember you are always you. Remember you are limited edition. Remember to give yourself the best of you. Remember to be on a happy boat amidst the sorrowful ocean. Remember to end violence. Remember you never walk alone.

I purple myself. I purple you.



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