I had this in half yearly exam paper, but this is something that needs notice.

Yesterday I had my english paper and one of the comprehension passages, brought to my notice this thing that is to be known if you havn’t yet. I have writen down the passage that came in my paper word by word and attached the concerned video. Please have a look.

“I took photographs, and Paul recorded video. As the bear approached the empty fuel drums looking for food, I could hear my colleages sobbing.
When Paul posted the video on Instagram, he wrote, ‘This is what starvation looks like.’ He pointed our that scientists suspect polar bears will be driven to extinction in the next century. He wondered whether the global popularion of 25,000 polar bears would die the way this bear was dying. He urged people to do everything they could do to reduce their carbon footprint and prevent this from happening. But he did not say that this particular bear was killed by climate change.
National Geographic picked up the video and added subtitles. It became the most viewed video on National Geographic’s website—ever. News organisations around the world ran stories about it; social media exploded with opinions about it. We estimate that an ashtonishing 2.5 billion people were reached by our footage. The mission was a success, but there was a problem: We had lost control of the narrative. The first line of the National Geographic video said, ‘This is what climate change looks like’—with ‘climate change’ highlighted in this brand’s distinctive yellow. In retrospect, National Geographic went too far with the caption. Other news outlets ran dramatic headlines like this one from the Washington Post: “‘We stood there crying”: Emaciated polar bear seen in ‘gut-wrenching’ videos and photos.”
We had sent a ” gut-wrenching” image out into the world. We probably shouldn’t have been surprised that people didn’t pick up on the nuances we tried to send with it. Yet we were shocked by the response. Many people expressed gratitude that we’d shined a light on climate change, but others angrily asked why we had not fed the bear or covered him with blankets or taken him to a vet- none of which would have saved him. Those responses revealed how disconnected people are from wildlife, ecology, and even geography. And then there were those who are still bent on maintaining the dangerous status quo by denying the existence of climate change. We became to them yet another example of environmentalist exaggeration. But they offered us a glimpse of the daunting number of people we still need to reach.
Perhaps we made a mistake in not telling the full story– that we were looking for a picture that foretold the future and that we didn’t know what had happened to this particular polar near. I can’t say that this bear was starving because of climate change, but I do know that polar bears rely on a platform of sea ice from which to hunt. A fast-warming Arctic means that sea ice is disappearing for increasingly longer periods of time each year. That means many more bears will get stranded on land, where they can’t pursue the seals, walruses and whales that are their prey and where they slowly starve to death.
After finding nothing of value in the fuel drums, the polar bear waddled into the water and swam away. Paul was worried that he would waste energy and die, but the bear seemed to have easier time in the water. He disappeared around a bend in the shoreline. We never saw him again, but we hope that our images of this dying bear moved the conversation about climate change to the forefront, where it must remain until we solvw this planetary problem.”

The impact this created in my mind may be diiferent than yours in terms of many levels. But if it did touch you, think of the reason why your heart stirred due to it. Every reason is different. Work on yours. Help create a better world.


7 thoughts on “I had this in half yearly exam paper, but this is something that needs notice.

  1. Do you know a better world/earth is already created by Jesus Christ? Where these former things that are occurring before us will all pass away and be no more? That new earth is Heaven. And its eternal. The polar bears will live eternally and will not suffer like that anymore. Neither will we. These are continual signs of the last days. Jesus Christ is coming. Repent, and give Him your life today. Accept Him as your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He loves you so much that He died for you so that you can be set free from sin. Come to Jesus.

    Very sadden to see this and thanks for sharing…blessings.

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