Trypophobia … a condition we all should know about.

I always had this attitude of distaste towards clusters of small holes. It would give me a feeling like nausea though never as bad as panic attacks. I would really hate those small holes and insects peeping through it. I really don’t like them.

And it was very recently that I found this condition is trypophobia. It is the fear of shapes but for most people it is irregular and cluster of imperfectly circular holes.

Trypophobia is not often regarded as a mental disorder. It is considered to be based on an evolutionary point of view. That it is something increasing our pulse rate and the section of our brain concerned with vision. In other words, it triggers our flight responses. It happens when we sense danger and threat. Trypophobia is a behaviour of self defense when we see clustered holes that we possibly attach with something deadly.

Many people suffering from this actually don’t realise it. Infact the term trypophobia originated in 2005 in online forums. About 16 % of people are trypophobic. The best thing is people are opening up about it that helps understand it even better. They include celebrities too like Kendall Jenner.

We should realise that it’s not any embarrassment. Do communicate to others about this. It will help everyone.

Love Yourself.


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