Loving Yourself v/s Narcissism

The hardest during the moments of moral crisis is to see the thing that triggered it. The reason that lit the internal monologue. A monologue playing in our minds the lyrics of a confused brain. The brain we study as the home of intelligence.

When we can’t solve a problem we are asked to use our brains well. But can all equations be solved by the brain. The brain calculates how a heart can be transplanted. Can it calculate the happiness of a woman who hears her deceased daughter’s heart beat putting the stethoscope on the chest of her daughter’s heart recipent. Not all problems can be solved by the brain. It does get confused. And it’s absolutely fine though it hurts a lot.

Sometimes we need to let go. Let go things that pushes for a debate about us. Sometimes we need to listen to the songs playing in our minds on our achievements. It will make us love ourselves. Sometimes.

There is a fine line of difference between loving yourself and narcissism.

The second arises when either of heart and brain grow dominant over the other. It is only when we can bring both of them listen to each other, we can grow, we can be genuine, we can love ourselves.

Love Yourself.



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