Who do I believe?

Believing is one of the hardest things to do when you are conscious about it’s existence. Till then, days roll on without much thoughts. But when you tell yourself to believe in someone or something, we must know that the situation is spiritual. Spiritual in the sense of confusion and turbulence in soul, if that’s what we call our conscience as. And this confusion questions if the part of us we show to the world is made up or absolutely genuine. You don’t have to show your absolute real self to the world all the time. For that you have special people or things or places in your heart. And we know who they are. We just don’t know in whom or where they are present in silence. We need to discover them. To know about our real self. But this hunt need not be forced. This search need not be directed towards the same way as others.

Some choose religious paths for that. Following a specific religion’s directions to Nirvana. Some resolve to help poor and needy. Some set out to be alone and face what life promises for them. Many try to follow society’s norms and be perfect. Many run after material luxuries with hopes that it can buy them happiness.

I am not implying that all these are wrong. That being a person of a certain religion, stepping in the kitchens of the other is not right. That running in the rat race for grades, money and power is of no use as compared to attending classes on spiritualism. I am not saying either of these are wrong.

Right and wrong are relative terms.

But ultimately we all work to make ourselves happy and content. When situations of moral crisis comes firstly we tell ourselves to believe in us. This does not happen so long our morality is not threatened.

For me, I am a hindu. And I do stay loyal to my religion. If loyality is what you mean by respecting people of every religion or atheists, summing up every indivual, I am loyal. For me the highest level a person can reach is when he turns to a human. We all are humans biologically. But one has to be human in the most genuine and difficult situations.

Whenever I close my eyes to pray, I see a blank. Pitch black. My mom says maybe it’s because the almighty has no particular shape. I believe in something. I don’t know what that thing is. But I do believe. Something that maybe the metaphor of my real self.



24 thoughts on “Who do I believe?

  1. Beautiful description!! Believe is something which comes from innerself, nothing can be done and can happen if u don’t believe, I loved that line u have mentioned some set out to be alone and face wht life promises. I was so tempted about this fact that after reading this I wanted to share my thoughts on this., Sometimes it feels so good to be alone and explore the real u move around to some random place, eat ur favourite appetite, many things to discover and importantly u will have things to write and feel upon πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

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    1. You are most welcomed to share your thoughts. I actually am glad to find a friend like you who wishes for loneliness atleast for sometime. I mean, being alone is not something unsocial or symptom of cowardice. But it helps us to think. If you like this idea I think you will like the book ‘Kafka on the shore’ by Haruki Murakami. It’s a lovely book to read. A part deals around a boy who leaves home to see the world. πŸ™‚

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      1. :). That’s so good to hear. Can you give me your blog’s url because everytime I click on it, I get a ‘ authors have decided to remove the site’


  2. This is quite brilliantly articulated.

    Belief can be in anything. I was writing something in the lines of what you have written. This is not a quote, but here is it: We all need ground under our feet, something we can land on, something we can come to. That gound is the belief.

    Now, it could be spiritual or materialistic, but what I think is the one should believe in themselves more than anything else. Like that meaningless paraphrase I just wrote, we do need that ground, but we all need to believe that we will land on that ground

    Won’t take much of your comment space.
    Well wriiten and take care. πŸ™‚

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